A Comprehensive Overview of Casino Sector in India

In a country like India where gambling is not legal except three states of Goa, Daman and Sikkim the charm and enthusiasm for playing casino games are increasing with every single day. Statistics have shown that despite being the fact that casinos are not legal in India, $1.6 billion is the casino estimation that shows the interest and excitement of the players. Recently, Delta Corp has issued their quarterly for the month of September, profit margins and it is seen that a whopping 22.7% of the increase is the profit that shows more and more people are inclining towards casino games. This surge in the market is the reaction of an increasing number of land casinos in three states and online casino games are adding to the adventurous desire.


Today millions of Indians access online casino sites and getting into the landscape of gambling. Also, the sites like Royal Panda And Yako provide the facility of wagering in Indian currency providing them with a seamless platform to just register and bet. Moreover, welcome bonus drives more interest and people are just joining these sites with increasing numbers. Not just Indian currency but there are various other methods of making a payment from India like using e-wallets and this medium plays a very crucial role in the expansion of online gaming players in India.


In the current era as each mobile user have the facility to play with their mobiles, they just need to get access to the top and secure casino sites and enter into the world of casino games. Though if the rules in India changes for the casino games, then surely the sector will experience an incredible boom. At the present time, the Goa Government is considering to establish a dedicated gaming sector with a vision to invite more tourism.


Hopefully, this gigantic thought may lead to the days when casino games will be legal in India.